Summary and achievements so far

Looking back at my years as vice dean and professor so far, I regard my most important accomplishments in relation to teaching to be:

  • my contribution to the increase in female professors
  • my contribution to the improvement of PhD programmes and follow up of PhD students, and the resulting reduced time for them in the system
  • my international experience, network and projects which gives me access to the latest scientific developments to include in my teaching, and which makes it attractive and possible for foreign students to come to UiT, and for UiT students to go abroad
  • the fact that I’m still a passionate teacher, that I always look for ways to improve the quality of my interactions with students, and that I get very good feedback on this

Contribution to the increase in female professors

The percentage of female professors at UiT increased with 8.3 % from 2013-2015. I contributed through lectures and workshops for experienced researchers (see “Mot professoropprykk”) through many years (see Professor qualification of female researchers) as well as mentoring (see Mentoring of experienced researchers). Due to this work, I have been nominated for the UiT “likestillingsprisen” (equality prize) in 2015 and 2017 (see Grants and awards).

Contribution to the improvement of PhD programmes and follow up of PhD students

In 2016 75% of the PhD students at BFE that had started in 2010 had graduated (See table 6 from report to the University board (Rapport til universitetsstyresak om ph.d.-studiet (2017)). The document further concludes:

“BFE-fak er det eneste fakultet som ikke viser en dramatisk nedgang fra 2006-kullet til 2007 -kullet. I tillegg skiller dette fakultetet seg positivt ut for 2008 og 2009-kullet med 77 % og 81 % gjennomføring innen seks år, hvilket er betydelig høyere enn for de andre fakultetene. Resultatet for 2010-kullet viser at BFE-fak fortsatt lykkes med å få studentene ferdig innen seks år etter start.”

Since 2009 I have been working systematically with the improvement of the PhD programmes at BFE. We have improved the administrative procedures, homepage for the PhD education, annually improved supplementary provisions for the PhD degree, including the template for the project description with a short career plan. We have implemented the mid-term evaluation through guidelines and templates as well as follow up from the administration, and from me. I have increased the course portfolio by establishing High North Academy (HNA) and related courses, and by establishing the course in Philosophy and ethics of science at BFE also attended by students from the NT faculty. It is very satisfying that this systematic work gives results, as indicated in the table above.

International experience, network and projects

I have an extensive network through five EU projects (see Major collaborations) that allows for student and teacher exchange (Ingrid van Putten) as well as opportunity to develop common courses and learning material (e.g. EcoFishMan game). This international exchange and cooperation challenges my students and me, and also makes the by now international BRIDGE research group a tempting place for PhD-students and early career scientists to be in (we are currently 20 people, and 16 nationalities).

Improving as a teacher, and getting good feedback from the students

I have become a better teacher and mentor trough learning, exercise, planning and increasing my network. I get good evaluations from students (see FSK-8005 funding your research) and I work in iterations to develop the courses continuously, always taking the input from the students and colleagues into account (see numerous student and colleague evaluations of my courses in the “Professional development” section).