The SimFish project focuses on innovative interdisciplinary learning in fisheries and aquaculture. We are nine employees and a reference group of students at the Norwegian College of Fisheries Science who together gamify the bachelor program in Fiskeri og havbruksvitenskap (FHV). FHV is an applied educational and training program. Fisheries and aquaculture candidates are not biologists, nor economists. Instead, they are the multi- and interdisciplinary minds with focus on sustainability who can fulfil the expectations of both the industry and the society at a large. The objective of the SimFish  is to boost the potential of the FHV program through a new approach to interdisciplinary vocational education and training. Key-words are active learning; games; blended learning; ICT enhanced education; interdisciplinary approach; problem-based learning; research-based education; role-playing games; simulations; student-centered teaching and learning; quintuple helix of innovation.

Link to SimFish.

Map of Simnesia; a game world that is further developed by the student as different industries develop through the three years of studies. The aquaculture industry, fisheries activity, and finally the processing and logistics links are introduced.

With input from students and colleagues I have developed the Simnesia world in an iterative process (see Video on YouTube). The Simnesia world allows us to relate existing games and games that we develop to a common framework/portal that presents the available games by semester, course or platform.