EcoFishMan LARP

The EcoFishMan game was developed to simulate the management challenges of the mixed demersal bottom trawl fishery in Northern Adriatic (GSA17), and it was run with stakeholders within the EcoFishMan project in Rome, Italy in December 2012. A trial run of the game was conducted in Tromsø prior to theactual run in Rome. The game was developed for the EU 7th Framework programme project EcoFishMan in cooperation between University of Tromsø and Nofima. The approach and roles were to some degree modeled on previous roleplaying games applied in EU projects, such as “Gap2” by Martin Pastors and “Jack fish” by Jørn Schmidt,  as well as in the IFM program at UiT by Jorge dos Santos, using UK freeform game forms. The game is realistic and both scientists and stakeholders in Tromsø and in Rome were happy to learn about the results based approach to fisheries through the game. All the participants showed great interest in the game during the debrief and evaluation, actively participating and enjoying it.

We are running the game again at UiT as part of the SimFish project.