Game Based Learning

The active and fun engagement in a good game increases the motivation and performance of the player. Game based learning allows the student to learn in an environment close to a real life situation that presents multidisciplinary problems that can be approached from different perspectives and complexity deepening on the capacity of the student. With a base in student-centered and active teaching and learning and research-based education, game based learning can integrate in an innovative way elements of blended learning, problem-based learning, simulations and games. Here I present the EcoFishMan game that was developed in an EU-project in 2013, the ongoing SimFish project that is bringing games to the UiT Bachelor’s program in fisheries and aquaculture (Fiskeri og havbruksvitenskap), and my plans for developing live action role-playing games (LARPs) for educational purposes.

Fig: There are also several board games that are relevant and may be used for teaching at university level; here is one example