Plan og anbefaling for Michaela Aschan som merittert underviser – From institute

Curriculum Vitae of pedagogic activities, 2009-2017

Evaluation of qualifications – Bedømmelse av Michaela Aschan for professorkompetanse

Pedagogic education

Professional development

Participation in workshops

Grants and awards

Teaching (all levels) and supervision (Bachelor’s and Master’s).

Teaching material

Supervision of graduate fellows

Supervision of postdoctoral fellows.

Mentoring of experienced researchers.

Recruitment of students (example Sommerlyst skole)

Games and tools for education and research

Workshops advancing higher education as lecturer / facilitator

Institutional responsibilities relevant for education (selection; more available at request)

Major collaborations with significant training and capacity building tasks

European Union projects

Other collaborations

Pedagogic presentations at conferences

Pedagogic papers in preparation


Additional documentation can be provided at request.