Teaching Philosophy

Teaching philosophy is a broaden concept including teaching values, beliefs, goals, methods, activities, etc. However, in this teaching philosophy statement, I only focus on the most important issue that I am  facing in my current teaching. That is how to enhance the students’ motivation and engagement in the learning processes.

I was responsible for two courses named Applied Price Analysis and Entrepreneurial Financial Management at School of Business and Economics, UiT The Arctic University of Norway in 2016. I will take these two courses as examples to discuss how to get students motivated and engaged in the teaching process.

At the begging of lectures, I usually found students were passive and there was problem of lack of motivation and engagement for students in the courses. In this teaching philosophy statement, I first discuss the reasons for these problems, then discuss the active-learning techniques that I had implemented to improve the problems, which include problem-based learning and various activities to expect students to talk, write and collaborate. The statement ends up with a major conclusion.

Please read the full text of my teaching philosophy statement in the attachment.