As part of the entire pedagogical course, I have taken an online-based course called Evaluation of Teaching and Learning. In this course, we have explored the following main themes: interpretations of “teaching”, basic model featuring frames, process and teaching outcomes, surface and deep learning, backward planning in teaching, learning paradigm or teaching paradigm, learning objectives and constructive alignment. We have also learned Gynnilds Matrix developed by our lecture professor Vidar Gynnild for quality assurance and enhancement in teaching and learning process.

To complete the course, we were asked to submit two homework. One is to discuss how the elements discussed in NOKUT-report are relevant to the courses that we am teaching. The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) is an independent expert organization under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. This NOKUT-report presents the evaluation system at University College of Oslo and Akershus in Norway in 2014. The report states that it is important to have a systematic regulated system to evaluate education at different levels, and the conducted evaluation results should be fully used to improve both teaching and learning qualities. The other homework is to choose one of quadrant in the Gynnilds Matrix and discuss how the theme presented by this quadrant can be used in our teaching practices.

Please find the whole text of the homework in the attachments.