Welcome to my teaching portfolio!

My name is Jinghua Xie. I am working as an associate professor at School of Business and Economics at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.  Please find more information about me on the institute website: Jinghua Xie.

This teaching portfolio is a documentation and presentation of the outcomes after I took the course named “basic pedagogical competence for higher education”, which is required for all the new academic staff at UiT The Arctic University of Norway unless they can document that they have taken a similar course elsewhere. Since I have taken a similar course in China before, I actually can be exempted from this requirement.  However, I would consider taking the course as an opportunity to evaluate the philosophy, skills, quality and progress of my teachings in the last many years.  For the detailed information about the course, please go to the university website: University Pedagogical Course.

This teaching portfolio consists of the following contents.

  • Teaching history: Here I present the subjects and courses that I have given before.
  • Teaching philosophy: Here I discuss the importance of shifting paradigm of focus on teaching to focus on learning.
  • Peer observation: Here I present how we went through the peer observation process and what we have learnt from the self and peer evaluation after the class observations.
  • Basic repertoire: It includes the teaching methods, activities and evaluation methods that have been used in the courses that I have given, my understanding of the strengths and weakness of them after I have reflected on the educational theories learnt from the pedagogical course.
  • Specification: Here I discuss the theory and empirical application of the summative and formative evaluation.
  • Summary: It includes my understanding of ethical knowledge and student rights, a reflection on what I have learnt from the pedagogical course and my thinking for the teaching in the future.  The documents of the course participation are also included here.