Welcome to my teaching portfolio

This teaching portfolio represents the outcome of the course in «Universitetspedagogikk» that I attended 2014-2015. A well-developed teaching portfolio is required for permanent staff at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, to show that the employees have the needed pedagogical expertise.

Prior to course start I had some specific motivations for participating in the course, that all relate to my recent (2013) appointment as permanent academic staff in population genetics (see my homepage and blog for further information about me). These points are a natural outcome of my wish to provide teaching at a high academic level and still maintain a good connection between the student and me (see also my Reflections).

My teaching portfolio contains a section about my previous teaching experience and repertoire, my teaching philosophy, a section about my reflections on peer evaluation, a project of how to provide better teaching in genetics, a section on my view and experience with assessment and evaluation in teaching, my reflections of the course and points for my further development in teaching, and finally a page of documents related to the course.

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