Teaching portfolio

Teaching history

I started with teaching and supervision already as teenager – training kids orienteering. These basic skills of presenting the material in an appropriate way and checking whether the pupil has understood it are similar for sports-related teaching and academic teaching. As a student I was giving seminars and supervising undergraduates in lab courses. As a PhD student I gave presentations at conferences and the occasional lecture in my field of study for students at NTNU. After my PhD I was half a year temporarily stepping in for a colleague, having full teaching load and responsibility for a 10 ECTS course. In this course the students had to do a practical exercise. The examination was done by me orally. This provided the students with immediate feedback as well as it told me how well I had explained and supervised the practical exercises. I was the next 3 years teaching 2-3 lectures in my field of research. During this time I co-supervised Bachelor-, Master- and PhD-students. All the students graduate, including the medical PhD student (Benjamin Roschinski, TU Dresden).

As senior post-doc researcher at NTNU I was also the main supervisor of a Masterstudent and co-supervisor of a guest researcher (he was at junior post-doc level).

Since my appointment at UiT the Arctic University of Norway, my teaching portfolio has widened. My portfolio expanded from teaching at the Master- and Profesjonslevel (NTNU) to include now also teaching at the Bachelorlevel and PhD level. Furthermore, I supervise Bachelor projects, Master projects, and “hovedoppgaver” (final research project for clinical psychologists). Currently, I am the main supervisor of four PhD students and co-supervisors of three PhD students. As part of the teaching I do develop and grade exams including theses, and have recently revised a course (studiereform).

From autumn 2015 I am also responsible for a PhD course in quantitative methods, and accordingly are the internal examiner in this course.  In the last 2 years we tailored the course towards the need of the very heterogenous PhD student group. From 2019 onwards, we will use home exam, so far we used a school exam with ca. 2/3 multiple choice questions and 1/3 short answer questions.

In autumn 2017 and spring 2018 I was teaching in a range of courses at NTNU, including two of my favorite lecture topics: “membrane and action potential”, and “is most published research false?”

A concise overview of my teaching can be found in the table below.

Course name / subject Level Duration Form of instruction Number of hours
PSYPRO4010, Cogn. Psy for clinical psychologist 3rd sem 15 ECTS lectures, seminars 96h excl preparation
PSY3575, Biol Psy 8th sem 4 week module lectures, lab exercises, seminars 40h
PSY1013, Biol Psy 4th sem 7.5 ECTS lecture 9h excl preparation
PSY3111, Cogn Neuro 7th sem 10 ECTS lecture 2h-4h per semester
PSY-1004, Biol Psy 5th sem lecture and supervision 2h lecture, 12h supervision essay
PSY-1003, Cogn Psy 2nd-4th 10 ECTS lectures, lab exercises, seminars 10h lectures, 8h exercises, 4h seminar excl. preparation
PSY-2027, Decision-making 4th 10 ECTS lectures, lab exercises, seminars 12h lectures, 4h exercise, 2h seminar excl preparation
HEL-8024, statistics PhD 3 ECTS lectures, exercises 2 x 3h, plus developing multiple choice questions
PSY-2553, cogn Psy and dissemination of science 4th sem 10 ECTS lectures, lab exercises, seminars, poster presentations course has 6 modules with lectures, lab exercise and seminars. I run 2 modules, and supervised 1 module in 2018