Future challenges

As discussed in this pedagogical portfolio, the field of societal safety and security is a relatively new field in academic education, lacking firm basis but having roots in many more established disciplines, most notably in social sciences and engineering.  At the same time, the field by definition includes a normative task to enhance societal safety and security, and it is therefore very practice-oriented.

The state of the art presents considerable challenges for the teacher. The first one is to define the field in more definite terms in order to develop a curricula that reflects the current multi-disciplinary knowledge. The second one is to develop teaching and learning methods that facilitate the needs of the society, given that the aim is to educate better risk and crisis managers familiarized with both theory and practice in the all-hazard spirit.

To utilize, and to participate in, the current debates about teaching, learning and assessment methods and approaches will facilitate finding the set of answer to solve these challenges.